Birgitta Ralston and Alexandre Bau craft prospective scenarios and design products and spaces. Mastering knowledge tools such as design thinking, innovative material technology and as the curators of the research through design program Ideal Lab, the studio pursue the unexpected and unexplored for companies and organisations that relate to people and contribute to a sustainable society.


23 March 2017: As long as… a superficial view on Europeans

Culture & Society: How can cultural policies tackle societal issues?

Ralston & Bau will have a unpretentious talk about difference in culture and identity discovered in their design research through Europe, at the Cultural Symposium initiated by the Institut Français de Norvège. The event takes place at Monday, April 3rd, 2017 and Nasjonalbiblioteket (Auditorium & Slottsbiblioteket), Oslo.

5 October 2016: Tøyen Replanted in Oslo

Ideal Lab Agents will work with the local community in Tøyen from the 16th to 30th October 2016 in the program Tøyen Replanted, curated by Ralston & Bau. Together with Kneip, Philippe von Hase, Annelise Bothner-By, Elora Brahmachari and Allan Hagerup, they will focus on grasping the essence of this area of Oslo and make it visible through objects. Results will be shown at Tøyen Torg the 29th of October.

12 April 2016: Labs of Lab workshop in Amsterdam

Ralston & Bau is holding an Ideal Lab workshop as part of the Design & The City conference organised by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The workshop on the theme Roots & Identities will investigate the shared identity of the habitants in the Knowledge Mile area and prototype future design scenarios.

10 December 2015: Game changer: the optimal seating for a sustainable life.

Ralston & Bau is providing strategic design to the European leader in working chairs Scandinavian Business Seating. The project redefine the way to seat, using transversal design thinking and future design scenario methods for unexpected outcomes. The project has been founded by Design Driven Innovation program DIP.

5 October 2015: Storm, Svele and Les Lamaneurs shown in Saint-Nazaire, France

A year ago the norwegian and french Agents of the Ideal Lab program Replanted Identity, discovered the City of Saint-Nazaire and its citizens. With the nazairiens, we reflected on the city centre. Works created from this dialogue are part of the Replanted Identity exhibition.
The exhibition opening is the 15th of October at 18h. The exhibition is open the 16/10-8/11 2015 at Le Garage. The Ideal Lab program is initiated by Ralston & Bau.

19 June 2015: 100% Norway 2015 in London

Ralston & Bau have been selected to be part of 100% Norway for the 2015 edition. The Lamaneurs urban seat collection and the Empaths lightshelf was selected and will be shown at Tent, London the 23 to the 26th of September 2015.

27 January 2015: Ideal lab’ at the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2015

The designs and art produced in Ideal Lab – Replanted Identity in 2014 has been selected to take part in the Biennale in 2015.
It will be shown in a dedicated exhibition of 110 m2 from the 12/3 to the 12/4 2015. Ralston & Bau curated and designed the scenography of the exhibition and is showing three new creations: Les Lamaneurs (urban furniture), Svele (serving plates) and Storm (vases).

26 August 2014: Keys launch

We are very happy to announce the launch of our new furniture design collection for Vestnes Ocean: Keys. It is revealed to the public at the largest oil world fair ONS in Stavanger (Norway) as we speak.

2 April 2014: Birgitta Ralston at TED

At TEDxNantes, Birgitta Ralston talked about Ideal Lab’, a program with the ambition to design beautiful meaning.
The Ideal Lab relocate the meaning of design to a social environment in mutation, to define future needs and realise future scenarios through tangible products and processes. She shows results from themes like elders participation, food waste and neighbourhood empathy.